Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Setting up of National Skill Development Agency (NSDA)


  • National skill development coordination board was created previously in 2008. With PM’s Council they formed part of National Skills Policy, 2009.
  • Need was felt for greater coordination among the organization and the welfare schemes & also incorporate greater amount of skills among the masses. So National Skill Development Agency was created.

  • Primary objective: to enhance the coordination and the ability of the skill development ecosystem in India to expand, scale and grow in a coordinated manner.
  • Additional role: According to National Skills Policy, 2009 there was a need for a body to coordinate the National Affiliation and Accreditation (NAA). There is National Skills Qualification Framework (NSQF) which is being put into place which is merging the two qualification frameworks of Ministry of Labour and Ministry of Higher Education which will allow mobility from vocational training to education and vice versa. The NSQF is also going to be incorporated into the NSDA.
  • The sector scale council’s which are the bodies led by employers which are going to determine occupation standard, participate into accreditation and certification and create labour marketinformation system – these functions will also now be a part of NSDA.
  • NSDA is going to act as coordination mechanism.
  • Not to surpass the individual ministries.
  • NSDA also appoints Sector Scale Council.


  • Prime Ministers own goal: By 2022 we would skill 500 million people (Stated goal of PM). So if we want to achieve that goal in remaining 10 years to need to train around 50 million people today.
  • Objective of 12 plan: is to train 8 crore people.
  • Underutilization of existing infrastructure: we have a large number of infrastructures in the form of schools, colleges, vocational training institutes and other buildings which are underutilized.
  • Low amount of skill among new workforce: 12.8 million People join workforce every year. Only 2 % had formal training (according to National Sample Survey Organization).
  • No certificate for the work: Persons like mechanic if shifts to other city has no certificate to show that he has valid skills and again has to earn the reputation & so can’t earn more money.
  • Need to create monetary value among the skills through training and certification program.

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