Friday, 3 January 2014

Pakistan Plans to Produce 8,900MW Nuclear Power By 2030

ISLAMABAD: With the country facing severe power shortage, Pakistan plans to set up seven functional nuclear plants of 1,100 MW each by 2030 in addition to four units of 300 MW, producing a total of 8,900 MW of electricity.

Chairman of the Pakistan Plans to Produce Atomic Energy Commission Dr Ansar Parvez said that nuclear power was set to become a major player in the country’s power sector.
Chairman PAEC said by 2030 the commission will be operating four nuclear power plants of 325 to 340 MW and seven nuclear power plants with the capacity of 1100 MW each.

He was briefing journalists on the eve of the ‘dome-laying ceremony' of Chashma-IV nuclear power plant, which will mark the completion of civil works at the unit and will be followed by installation of the reactor.

In addition to the four units at Chashma, two of which (Chashma-III and Chashma-IV) are expected to start commercial operations by 2016; the government has begun work on two 1,100MW plants (Kanupp-II and Kanupp-III) in Karachi, whose ground-breaking ceremony was performed in November.

Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Sun Weidong had recently pronounced that a series of Chinese companies have a penetrating seductiveness in appetite team-work with Pakistan and they are peaceful to attend in water, thermal, solar, wind, polite chief appetite era projects.

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